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SERVICE - Day 29 Healing Journey with Jesus

The Formation Ministry Servants at The Feast PICC


In 2014, I became part of the Formation Ministry of the Light of Jesus (LOJ) Community at The Feast PICC. Every Sunday, my brother and I would attend the 8 AM Holy Mass followed by a talk by The Feast Builders, like Brother Bo Sanchez. Afterwards, my brother and I would proceed to the meeting rooms to serve during the Feast Bible Study. Sometimes, we stayed the whole day and served the next batch of attendees in the afternoon. We were happy to serve.

The Lord is asking you to serve. Because you are tested through what you have suffered, you can help those who are being tested. Make your mess your message. Stop being the victim but be a victor. Let your sickness be your swan song. During the process of healing, you can also help others heal when you share your experiences and share how you are able to overcome your cancer. It is by sharing your journey of healing and how you cope after a cancer diagnosis, you will be able to encourage others to do the same. When you give your time, talent, and treasure by helping those who are lost, the least and the last, the Lord will bless you because you choose to serve. It is your availability that matters to God. He will equip you to serve whoever He is sending you. Be part of a team who will help other cancer patients cope with family issues, friendly fire, and complications as well as side effects of treatment.


From Matthew 20:26-27, "Rather, whoever wishes to be great among you shall be your servant; whoever wishes to be first among you shall be your slave."


Father, God, I know that sometimes I want to be the first, the greatest and the best to the point that I neglect, refuse to help, and even trample on the rights of others. Help me go an extra mile so others may benefit. I ask this through the intercession of Mary and with the guidance, enlightenment and inspiration of the Holy Spirit. In Jesus Name. AMEN.


Serve someone who has been helping you in your journey today.

The FBS Batch 2 Attendees with Bro. Rolly, Bro. Albert, Bro. Tom and Doc Joy

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