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MAKE DISCIPLES - Day 39 of the Healing Journey with Jesus

Mount of Olive with the pilgrims to the Holy Land


When my mom, Kuya Vigil, and I went to the Holy Land for a pilgrimage on February 2018, we felt like the disciples of Jesus. We walked where Jesus walked. We followed His footsteps from the day He was conceived in the womb of Mama Mary during the Annunciation, to His birth, public ministry, death, and resurrection.

During the ministry of Jesus, He called people to become His disciples. As He passed by the sea of Galilee, He called Simon, and his brother Andrew who left their nets and followed Him. He also called James and his brother, John, sons of Zebedee who also left their father in the boat and followed Him. When Jesus saw a tax collector named Levi, He also called him, who then left his customs post and everything behind to follow Him.

When you were diagnosed with cancer, you had to take a leave of absence from work or even isolate yourself as you sought the healing that you craved. What if Jesus asks you to leave everything behind and follow Him in His suffering? Are you too busy to notice Him? Now, you need a physician and He is the Greatest Physician of all. Choose to follow Him. Be His disciple as you lead others towards Him with your testimony of healing and recovery.


From John 8:31, "Jesus said to those Jews who believed in him, 'If you remain in my word, you will truly be my disciples.'"


Please send me the Holy Spirit to guide me as I follow you, Lord Jesus. I pray for the intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary as I consecrate myself to Her because She brings me closer to You. In Jesus Name. AMEN.


Decide to follow Jesus today and be His disciple so you can lead others to Him too.

Sanchez Family (Bene, Francis, Marowe, and Brother Bo Sanchez) with the Holgado Family (Kuya Vigil, Doc Joy, and Mommy Mely)

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