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INTERCESSION - Day 13 of the Healing Journey with Jesus

Doc Joy with Caring Group (CG) Head, Gen Balane and other CG friends


When I found out that I had cancer in 2011, only a handful of people knew that I was sick. I was too proud to ask for prayers. I only informed my Caring Group (CG) head, Ms. Gen Balane, who came to visit me at the hospital after my surgery. However, after my first chemotherapy session, I wanted the rest of my CG friends to know about my situation so I invited them to my mom's house. They prayed over me. I felt their sincerity and love. I was glad that I asked for their intercession.

After your cancer diagnosis, you may want to keep the news to yourself as you process the whole thing. You may even be proud to ask for prayers from your family and even well-meaning friends and relatives. However, once you ask them, they become your prayer warriors. They will even ask others to intercede for your healing too. All together, they will form an avalanche of prayers to open the gates of heaven not because God cannot hear you, but to open your heart and mind to receive the blessings from God, including the healing that you crave for. Likewise, it is also time for you to intercede for others who are suffering and in distress. Your prayer of intercession becomes your gift to others too.


From Exodus 32:11, 12, "But Moses implored the Lord, his God, saying,...'Let your blazing wrath die down; relent in punishing your people."


Father, God, we adore You, glorify You and praise You for You are our Creator, our Healer and our Provider. By Your Holy Cross, You have redeemed the world. We pray for the healing of those afflicted with cancer and other diseases as we ask for the intercession of Mama Mary and guidance of the Holy Spirit. In Jesus Name. AMEN.


Write the names of the people whom you want to pray for and offer them to the Lord today.


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