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Who is the Perfect Yaya?

Take care of them first before you sit down; when you have fulfilled your duty, then take your place, to share in their joy and win praise for your hospitality. - Sirach 32:1-2

Find your true C.A.R.E.G.I.V.E.R. who will stay in your home and be the protector of your children.

You, the parents, and the caregivers are stewards of God’s children on earth. Your home is like a small country wherein the parents are like the president, king or prime minister who appoints the caregiver as the cabinet member or officer to oversee the affairs at home, whereas the citizens are your children

Amidst all these, you have one true caregiver or perfect yaya or nanny to your kids. And that is YOU! Yes! You! Being your child’s parent, you are in the best position to care for your baby, more so if you are the mother.

Make the first three years of their lives memorable as you establish rapport with them and strengthen your relationship. If you fail to find someone whom you can trust to give the same amount of nurturance as a parent, think twice about surrendering the task of caregiver to someone who is inept, unloving or even weak.

Recite the prayer below as you perform your sacred mission.


Dear God, the Father We adore You, Praise You, glorify You Bless You and worship You.

We thank You, Oh, Lord

For Your great unconditional love, For Your warm embrace, And for Your watchful eyes.

Grant me the wisdom

To teach what is right and just. Give me the patience

To deal with any child’s tantrums.

May my gentle touch Bring them comfort; Let my whisper of love Calm their nerves.

Oh, Sweet Jesus, May I be like You Who welcome the little ones Into my circle of friends.Holy Spirit, guide me To be a good shepherd, A protector and a guardian Of these precious children.Mama Mary, Mother of God, I ask for your intercession As I pray for the needs Of those You put under my care.All these I ask in Jesus Mighty Name. AMEN.


Excerpt from "WANTED:PERFECT YAYA (7 Easy Steps to Equip Your Child's Caregiver)" by Dr. Josephine T.R. Holgado

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