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Although babies can’t speak, it doesn’t mean that they don’t have the right to be heard. Let us be their voices so that the world will know that this human being should be saved even before they are born.

How is a baby conceived in a woman’s body? Let me explain this phenomenon through a fairy tale…

Once upon a time, in a kingdom (A WOMAN’S BODY) not so far away, there is a princess (EGG CELL/OVUM) who sits in an ivory tower (OVARY). She waits until she comes of age (MATURATION/FOLLICLE FORMATION) to be introduced into society (OVULATION). She is guarded and nurtured in the tower. When the princess (EGG CELL/OVUM) matures, she leaves the tower and walks down the staircase (FALLOPIAN TUBE). While waiting for the lucky prince (SPERM), her fairy god mother (CORPUS LUTEUM) at the tower prepares the castle (UTERUS) for his coming.

At the landing, she stays in a room while she waits. If no one comes to claim the princess’s hand, she goes to the castle (UTERUS) and cries (BLEEDS/MENSTRUATES/MENSES).

But if there are men who hope to win the princess over (SPERM CELLS), they may encounter barriers like armed soldiers (SPERMICIDE), or high walls (CONDOMS), or moats (DIAPHRAGM). If there are no barriers, the most successful of the lot – the handsome prince (LUCKY SPERM) – will get the chance to meet the princess (EGG CELL/OVUM) and marry her (FERTILIZATION). Once married (FERTILIZED OVUM), they move into the castle (UTERUS) and receive the blessings of the king and queen.

If however, the wicked witch (ORAL CONTRACEPTIVE) enters the kingdom to cast a bad spell in the castle (UTERUS) by making the castle inhabitable, the married couple (FERTILIZED OVUM) will be expelled from the castle. But if the fairy god mother (CORPUS LUTEUM) comes to save the day and shower the castle with love, care and support, then the castle will become habitable so that the married couple (FERTILIZED OVUM) will remain there until the royal baby is born.

If only a baby is born like a fairy tale with a happy ending, the earth would be a better and peaceful place to be. When a man loves a woman, their union would be magical with all the sparks flying all over the sky. Together they will be able to raise a family with happy, healthy and holy kids who will be able to weather all storms. Right from the start, the parents know that their kids should be protected, nurtured and allowed to grow in a safe, secure and loving environment because the parents don’t just love each other but respect each other as well.

Does contraception have a place in a true loving relationship?

The word “contraception” has been derived from two root words, namely “contra,” which means “against,” and “conception,” which means “getting pregnant.” It is an act or device that prevents pregnancy either before, at the moment of, or after sexual intercourse through interference in the normal process of ovulation, fertilization and implantation. Any contraceptive that prevents implantation of a fertilized ovum is an unnatural act and goes against the law of procreation. It is tantamount to abortion.

Every person has the capacity and the ability to do something great with his life that will serve the better good of humanity. But what if this chance is taken away from someone just because he was aborted?

When you commit abortion, you choose to preterminate the life of your baby who is destined to be great and who has a sacred mission to fulfil. He may be the future president of the Republic of the Philippines who can make our country great again. Or he may be the future Pope, the Vicar of the Holy Catholic Church. Aborting your baby is robbing the world of the contribution this human being can make to the world.

Imagine a graphic picture of a baby who is being aborted wherein bits and pieces of his small body parts are removed or mashed so that it can fit through small opening. It is murder in the first degree because of the conscious intention to kill a human life form, who happens to be your own child. You may not be the one who actually kill him but you paid someone else to do it for you. You become an accessory to the crime.

Media, well-meaning health advocates and misguided population experts have fed us lies that the use of artificial contraceptives can improve the health of the mothers and babies because of proper spacing of kids. But they choose not to explain how these contraceptives work or even their possible side effects. It is time to stand up for the truth because the truth will set us free.

A married couple who may not be prepared to start a family or opt to delay having babies can be taught how to be responsible parents. In his book, “Choose Life: Theological Reflections on Current Moral Issues,” Fr. James Mac Tavish cited six generally accepted techniques in modern Natural Family Planning (NFP):

1.      Basal body temperature (BBT)

2.      Billings ovulation method (BBM)

3.      Symptothermal method (STM)

4.      Standard days method (SDM)

5.      Two days method (TDM)

6.      Lactational amenorrheamethod (LAM)

For NFP to work, the woman must know when she is fertile or not. She must recognize biological changes in her body like her basal body temperature and the consistency of her cervical mucus. She must also know the interval between each menstrual cycle.

You may have mistakes in the past but that is not a reason for you to be discouraged. If you have used contraceptives in whatever form to prevent pregnancy, stop! Allow your body to heal itself from the abuse.

If you’ve had an abortion, you don’t need to be desperate. Pray for the child that you’ve lost because of a wrong decision that you made but rise up from that mistake.

If you’re a Catholic, avail of the sacrament of Reconciliation from a bishop or priest who has the authority to absolve that sin.

Our God is a God not just of second chances, but a generous and forgiving God. If you have sinned, ask for forgiveness and accept the consequences of your actions. The sin itself is the punishment but it is never too late to repent.

Say a little prayer for yourself and for your unborn baby…

God the Father,

I adore You, praise You 

And worship You

In everything I think, say and do.

I’m truly sorry for my unborn child

Whom I’ve lost by choice

Because I was too scared

And wasn’t ready to be a mom.

Heal my body and my mind,

Cleanse my soul and spirit

Help me to forgive myself

And accept Your mercy.

May my baby

Who will not see the light of day

Be an angel

Who will watch over me.

All these I ask in Jesus Mighty Name.


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