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OBEDIENCE - Day 22 of the Healing Journey with Jesus


Doc Joy, Mommy Mely, and Kuya Vigil

When my mom, older brother and I went to The Holy Land for a pilgrimage in February 2018, we had the chance to visit Genesis land and met Father Abraham and his children. Some pilgrims donned outfits and rode the donkey for the right ambiance. Abraham, formerly called Abram, was called by God to go forth from Ur, the land of his kinsfolk and from his father's house to a land chosen by God. His obedience gave him three blessings - the land, the kingdom and numerous descendants.

Obey the statutes and the commandment of the Lord. Let the Holy Bible, the greatest story ever told, guide you in your daily living. May every decision that you make from day to day be a reflection of the inner you that shines and gives light to the world, despite having cancer because you chose to embrace your illness as your calling. Be like Abraham, who obeyed the Lord with all his mind, body and soul, and you will be healed.


From Exodus 15:26, "If you really listen to the voice of the Lord, your God, ... and do what is right in his eyes; if you heed his commandments and keep all his precepts, I will not afflict you with which I have afflicted the Egyptians; for I, the Lord, am your healer."


Lord, God, please heal me of my afflictions as I live according to Your statutes and commandments and be obedient to Your will. In Jesus Name. AMEN.


Think about how you can be obedient to God's will today and write them down.

The other pilgrims in Genesis Land

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