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Nothing Beats Your Tender Loving Care!

Hello! Thank you for reading my blogs on natural home remedies for fever, one of the symptoms of common ailments in children. In case you haven’t read the other emails, you may check your Inbox, Spam or Promotions folder. (Add me as your email contact so my emails will go to your inbox. 😊

In my previous emails, I’ve discussed the true purpose of fever and why you should manage it without using synthetic medicines but through natural home remedies. In my second email, I’ve demonstrated two ways to reduce fever through the use of cool calf rub down and cool leg compresses instead of giving your child a drug that she may even refuse to take.

Remember how your child would keep her mouth shut despite your cajoling or promising her a reward as long as she drinks the medicine. Sometimes, she may even open her mouth when you give her the medicine but will spit it out or at worse, vomit it on your lap. You may even have to chase her around the room once she sees the teaspoonful of medicine that you’re holding. Thus, making your child take the medicine requires you to be creative or forceful as the case may be. It is not a walk in the park and will even be a stressful or traumatic event in your child’s life.

These are just some of the stories and anecdotes I’ve heard from parents just so they can give the medicine for fever. There is another way to reduce fever without the need for drugs through natural home remedies.

What are the benefits of such alternative means?

First, it is convenient. Even if a fever medicine is an over the counter drug, you still have to buy it from the pharmacy if you do not have it available at home. Then, you have to choose from a variety of flavors like strawberry, mango or orange hoping that one of them may be palatable to your child. You also have to choose the preparation like drops, syrup or suppository and to make sure that you have the right dose. Sometimes, the dosage listed on the box may not be appropriate for your child because it is based on the age and not the weight. When you use a home remedy, you just need cold water, a basin, a cloth and a blanket which you already have at home.

Another benefit of a natural home remedy is that it is cheap. You don’t need to buy it over the counter so you save on gas and time.

Studies have shown that the medicines for fever can also damage your child’s liver and kidneys, especially when you go overboard on the dosage. There is a maximum safe dose for fever medicine per day and you may not realize that when you give it round the clock. The use of natural home remedy removes this toxicity.

But the best benefit that your child gets from natural home remedy is your tender loving care (TLC) because you spend more time with your kid as you perform those rituals. Your gentle hands will calm down your child. Your warm embrace can speed up her recovery. Nothing can replace the precious moments in your child’s memory of how you’ve been around when she needs you the most, especially when she is sick and ailing.

So far, I’ve discussed one symptom of common ailments in children like fever. But there are other symptoms like cough and colds, to name a few, that may be relieved with the use of natural home remedies.

In my next blog, I will show you how to make your child’s recovery from illness memorable because it occurs in a more comfortable and stress free environment through the use of a simple home study guide on natural remedies. It will only be available for a limited time so watch out for it.

For now, you may reply to this blog if you have questions and concerns.

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