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NATURE - Day 21 of the Healing Journey with Jesus

Nature trail at The Ark, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia


When I attended the teacher's training of Ms. Amy Rachelle on raw food, health and wellness, it was my time to commune with nature. We were served fruits for breakfast, vegetables for lunch, and had a choice of green juice or lemon juice for a drink. The Ark was a hotel situated in the middle of a field surrounded by trees and other plants. Even our lectures were held not in an air-conditioned room but in a large nipa hut. It was a novel experience worth remembering.

Sometimes, you need to get away from the city to appreciate nature at its best. It is also the time to allow yourself to rest and value God's creation like yourself. God created you in His own image and likeness and put you in control of His creation. However, you abused yourself and perhaps neglected being God's steward here on earth. Through the years, you may have succumbed to cancer brought about by an unhealthy lifestyle and other risk factors such as age, environment, and your genes. After being diagnosed with cancer, God wants you to go back to nature to be healed through this acrostic...

N - No smoking, including passive smoking. No alcoholic beverages, caffeinated and carbonated drinks. Instead, breathe fresh air and drink lots of water daily.

A - Avoid processed food and drink. Instead, eat a whole food plant based, low fat, low salt, low sugar, and high fiber diet.

T - Trim your waistline by hiking, trekking or mountaineering.

U - Use natural ingredients like herbs and spices for seasoning and whole food as your source of sugar.

R - Respect life in all its forms. Respect the environment. This will reduce your carbon footprint. Recycle and reuse.

E - Embrace a tree and expose yourself to the sun to be energized.


From Genesis 1:29, God said: "See, I give you every seed-bearing plant all over the earth and every tree that has seed-bearing fruits on it to be your food..."


God, our Father, I glorify You because You provide for all my needs in a way that is best for me but I need to go back to nature. You provide real food for me to eat, fresh air to breath, clean water to drink and sunshine to give me energy. May I

harness God's blessings from nature without causing harm to mother earth. In Jesus Name. AMEN.


Go out to nature and feel the sun on your face today

The Large Nipa Hut

Ms. Amy Rachelle and the participants during the break in between lectures

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