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KINDNESS - Day 16 of Healing Journey with Jesus

Doc Joy feeding a giraffe at the Calauit Safari Park in Palawan


We went to the Calauit Safari Park in Busuanga, Palawan last August 2019 for a wildlife experience. When I stretched out my hand and fed one of the giraffes from the palm of my hand, he was docile despite being tall and mighty. This simple act of kindness turned an elusive animal to be a friend because I chose not to judge by appearances.

Through the years prior to your cancer diagnosis, you may have been judgmental. You abhor corrections and will sometimes fight tooth and nail just to get your message across. Your way is the best way even if it meant alienating people around you. You want to be right all the time instead of finding out what is going on the other side of the fence. Choose to be kind. Being kind does not mean compromising your values. Do unto others what you would want others to do unto you.

Think before you click. Clamp your lips before you utter the words that can hurt the recipient. You cannot undo words that have been spoken especially in the midst of an argument. The sharpness of your tongue may be sharper than a two- edged sword that it can slice a person into bits and pieces. The Lord has been kind to you so you can do the same to your brethren. Kindness can open your heart to receive God's blessing and healing.


From Daniel 3:42: "Do not let us be put to shame, but deal with us in your kindness and great mercy."


Dear Lord, I worship You for You are my Redeemer. I am truly sorry for having offended You. Thank you for the gift of a brand new day because You have shown me the way.

Tame my tongue that I may speak only with kindness because You have showered me with Your mercy and compassion. I ask all these through the intercession of Mama Mary and in Jesus Name. AMEN.


If you want to post on social media, choose words of encouragement and think before you click today.

Doc Joy feeding a2 giraffes at the Calauit Safari Park in Palawan

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