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For the past few months, you've probably read articles that I've posted which emphasized the need to awaken the healer in yourself and how you can be your own best doctor. You were taught to be consciously aware of every thought, food, drink or emotions that you put inside your head, gut and heart. Anything you think, say and do may be used against you and can adversely affect not just you but others as well. Know how your state of well-being affects others. Besides, an old saying goes that "No Man is an Island." If you continue to live inside a bubble, it might burst. You may either be contaminated or you may contaminate others. For a change, allow your radiance to emanate so that you may help and heal others, too, especially during the COVID pandemic.

Be a BLESSING. Our parish, Our Lady of Beautiful Love (OLBL) in Merville Park, Paranaque City needed to raise funds to rebuilt our parish center. One parishioner donated P1,000,000.00 in a snap. His business is doing good and he wanted to share his blessings. You don’t need to give a big amount as long as it is from the heart. What is important is that you share a portion of your profit to the poor or be generous with your tithe and not just settle for 10 percent but hopefully do reverse tithing in the future. Spend time with those in need of companionship. Use your talent to encourage others to do better. When you give, you open yourself to receive more blessings. You cannot fill up anew a glass that is already full.

Be a ROLE MODEL. When you’re driving, do you honk on people when they cross the street even if they are on the pedestrian lane? Oops. What do you do with that candy wrapper in your hand after you pop a dark chocolate mint inside your mouth? Do you keep it in your pocket if there is no trash can nearby? How do you act when you are with children? If you are a parent, start teaching your kids through actions and not just through words. Let them see your good deeds. Set examples that they can follow. Obey traffic rules. Show respect to people of authority and the elderly. Whatever you do in the eyes of a child would seem right because they look up to you as an adult who is wise.


Be an OUTSTANDING PERSON. Once there were three man laying bricks to build a wall. They were asked what they are doing. The first one replied: “I need money.“ The second replied: “ I have nothing else to do.” While the third one said: “I’m building a church.” In everything you do, excel and go an extra mile. Deliver more than you are asked by doing your best. Don't be limited by your job description. Instead find a way to contribute more for the success of your company or your advocacy. Don't wait to be recognized but help in any way you can even beyond your call of duty.

Be a BUILDER. If you are familiar with the Light of Jesus Community, everyone is encouraged to set up a Feast video in their community as an emissary and be a builder prior to the community quarantine. It is a smaller version of the Feast gathering in the Bay Area, Alabang and other places. To quote Bro. Bo in his book “Join the Feast,” “the Builder’s first message is always hope---to announce that God’s love is able to meet their needs. That the best is yet to come. That nothing is impossible with God.” To build something does not only mean that you put up a physical structure. To be a builder is to gather a group of people to come together in homes, offices, schools and even coffee shops for a fellowship. Find a venue where you can study the scriptures and share your insights with proper guidance from the Holy Spirit through a recognized formation ministry but if this is not feasible in the present situation, you can just meet on-line.

Be an OBEDIENT SERVANT. If you truly want to be a disciple of Jesus, you have to humble yourself by living, thinking and serving like Him. A servant promptly obeys and trusts the Lord the same way that Jesus obeyed and trusted God the Father. You do whatever it is that God tells you to do. You avoid the three obstacles to humility like pride, vanity and envy. You are not worried about what others think about you; neither are you saddened by the success of others.

To be a true disciple of Jesus is to be like B.R.O. B.O. (Blessing, Role Model, Outstanding, Builder and Obedient)

Hope you can share this and inspire others, too.

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