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By Dra. Josephine Holgado

The present pandemic caused by the dreaded COVID 19 has affected the whole world, especially the families of the overseas Filipino workers who lost their jobs due to work stoppage and lockdown in the different countries. Even ordinary folks suffered a tremendous financial setback aside from being separated from each other without knowing if they will ever be reunited. But wherever in the world you may be, you can continue to establish family relationships if you have these four things.


Today, despite social distancing, the lockdown or community quarantine has enabled families to stay together at home and make most of the time that they spent bonding with each other and cheer each other up and find ways to ease the boredom and overcome fear.

Second is OPTIMISM.

During this time of uncertainty, when almost everyone is advised to stay home at least for a month or so except for essential workers like the health personnel, military, police, and those manning supermarkets and drugstore, you have to adopt a positive attitude that all these will come to pass. Your faith in God will see you through these difficult times.

Third is PEACE.

Some people take advantage of the present situation to put one above their neighbors like buying more than what is needed or even cutting the line. When you feel like arguing, it is time to settle down and keep your cool. There are those who cannot deal with a crisis or stress in a calm manner so that panic ensues. But if you sit still, stand down and relax, you can diffuse the tension.

Lastly, there is EMPOWERMENT.

The national government is now faced with a big challenge, to ensure the safety of all and to feed everyone even if they stay at home. Now is the time for the local government to rise to the challenge and prove themselves worthy of the position that they hold, whether elected or appointed. It is not the time to compare notes or claim that one is better than the others or their way is best. It is the time to unite and work together for the good of everyone so that no one is left behind to die of hunger or succumb to sickness.

Sabi nga “VIRUS KA LANG, PILIPINO AKO!” Despite the meager resources, everyone, rich or poor should lend a hand to weather the storm. It starts with staying at home.

Wherever in the world you may be, or a member of your family is away from home, it does not matter because home is where the heart is.

Love will continue to flow because you choose to have H.O.P.E.






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