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FAITH - Day 7 of the Healing Journey with Jesus


In October 2018, I went to Bali, Indonesia for the first time to attend a teacher's training camp on raw food, health and wellness by Ms. Amy Rachelle. I invited my mom to come along to enjoy the trip too. However, we had to take a late evening flight from Manila and arrived at Denpasar International Airport at 2 AM the next day. I already booked a shuttle from the airport to the hotel. I had no idea that to reach our final destination, we had to ride a motorcycle but we refused and decided to walk and followed our driver who carried our luggage. It was a 30- minute walk along a narrow road with our path illuminated by dim street lights which were far and few in between. I just used the light from my cell phone when it was too dark to see where we were going. I prayed silently and asked the Lord to keep us safe because we were in an unfamiliar place with a stranger as our guide. Upon reaching The Ark, it was like a mini paradise in the middle of a field. Sometimes, we just need to have the faith that whatever decision we make will be for own good if we do God's will and trust in Him.

For this day, let the healing be done for you according to your faith. If you believe you can be healed then act according to God's will. It may be an unfamiliar territory because you have just been diagnosed with cancer. You can have all the information you want about your illness but you still do not know how your body will react to the intervention whether it be surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, or just natural healing. You will be transformed in God's own image and likeness as He originally created you because you believe that you will recover from your disease.

Be childlike in your faith. A child has complete trust in whoever takes care of him and shows him unconditional love. That is what the Lord does. If you are steadfast in your faith, believe that God will not abandon you. He will provide all your needs including your healing.


From Hebrew 11:11, "Faith is the realization of what is hoped for and evidence of things not seen".


Lord, I believe that You desire what is best for me and that includes the healing of my disease. Help me to consecrate myself to Mary so that like her, I will follow where you lead me, which is closer to Your Son, Jesus Christ. AMEN.


For today, simply say "I receive the healing that I crave for because all things are possible with God".

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