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Baby Blues-- The Struggle is Real

Mom needs all the support she can get!

Some mothers who give birth develop the so called “baby blues,” which may occur for a few days or one to two weeks. The usual signs and symptoms are anxiety, crying, decreased concentration, insomnia, mood swings and sadness. However, these may last longer in other mothers who experience postpartum depression that it interferes with daily tasks including taking care of her baby. Other symptoms of depression include difficulty bonding with baby, feelings of guilt, inadequacy or shame, intense irritability and anger, loss of appetite and interest in sex, withdrawal from family and friends, and thoughts of harming herself and her baby. If these symptoms become too severe, it may give rise to postpartum psychosis.

Thus, a mother needs all the love and care she can get from her family so she will be better covered after she delivers her baby.

Excerpt from "Your Newborn Is a Blessing (A Guide to Your Baby's Health from Conception to Birth)." Available at

Illustration by Liz Jocano

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