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In November 2011, I felt a pea-sized mass that was painful, fixed and nodular in my left breast. It was cancer. One week before Christmas, I had a modified radical mastectomy, which in lay man's term meant removal of the whole left breast tissue with its attached lymph nodes that left a scar which extended from the middle of my chest up to my left armpit. One month after, I had my chemotherapy and lost my hair, became pale and had bluish and brittle nails. I was like a walking zombie. I felt I was slowly dying inside.

However, eventually I've realized that my sickness had a purpose. It became an eye opener. It was no longer a death sentence but a detour. I've learned that there are three important things you have to do if you want to change your life for the better.


Be still. Take a deep breath and evaluate your life. For the first 15 years of my private practice as a general pediatrician, my life centered on my private practice. I spent less time with my family and even ignored my health. I was able to recover and set my priorities straight. I've learned to value what really matters most in life, my faith, my family and my health.


After every chemotherapy session, I felt a menthol sensation along my nose and had a headache. I'd hug the toilet bowl because I was vomiting everything I had in me because my stomach was churning despite taking expensive medications to counteract the side effects. But I was able to overcome all these because I prayed and surrendered to God's will. The Big C in me was not Cancer. It was Christ in me. He is the source of my strength.


As I recover from my illness, I was able to write and published 3 books on child health for easy reading for parents, "The Doctor is in the House", "Your Newborn is a Blessing" and "Wanted: Perfect Yaya." I also joined the Self Health Empowerment Movement and gave talks on how to take charge of one's health and awaken the healer within. I also launched my facebook page, Dra Joy, Pinoy Pedia where I do a FB Live Q & A every Saturday at 4PM to address the health concerns of mothers.

I feel blessed that I've been given the chance to start anew and fulfill my sacred mission. Likewise , I am also blessed to meet my mentor, Sir Jojo Apolo, who has helped me in this endeavor and showed me AMAZING STRATEGIES to grow my business, too, based on my passion and purpose, and it's ABSOLUTELY FREE. He can do the same with you.

You can gain an access to the FREE TRAINING with Sir Jojo Apolo.

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