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A few weeks from now, it will be the start of the summer season. Although technically, the Philippines only have two seasons, namely wet and dry. But due to the scorching heat of the sun plus the humid environment, you know that summer is fast approaching. However, what's different is that you may no longer enjoy the summer like you used to due to the limitations brought about by the quarantine. You can still become healthy and enjoy the summer if you do these four steps.


True health is not just being physically well but also being spiritually nourished. It means starting your day with the right mindset, keeping the faith and being grateful to the One who created you because He believes in you. He has given you another day to fulfill your sacred mission because you are worthy to be His disciple. Go out to the world and tell the Good News because you have been saved by Jesus Christ when He has risen from the dead. Don’t be afraid to be Holy because God Is Holy. God will equip you wherever it is He Is sending you. Just trust Him.


Part of the Complete Health Improvement Program (CHIP) of the Philippine College of Lifestyle Medicine (PCLM) is to encourage its participants to eat more to weigh less. How can this be possible? You consume low energy density food like whole grains, healthy protein like beans and legumes, fresh fruits and a variety of vegetables that will fill you up so that your hunger is satisfied but you get less calories. You are also advised to eat food with lots of fiber in it, which now becomes your new best friend. You won’t develop constipation, diverticular diseases, hemorrhoids and colon cancer. You can even beat the summer heat by eating fresh watermelon and buco.


Humans are designed to move. But due to the advances in technology, you have lost the interest to walk but instead choose to drive a car or take a public transportation to go from one place to another even if it is just one block away. Start with baby steps to complete the required 10,000 steps a day for optimal health. Instead of using the remote control to change the channel while you are watching your favorite show, stand from the couch, walk a few steps and press on the button of your television. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. When you go to church, do brisk walking on the way there rather than take your car, especially if it is just 15 minutes away.

You need to move at least 30 minutes a day which you can divide in 3 ten-minute sessions daily. The Harvard Medical School has recommended gentle core exercises that are simple, flexible and portable which you can do at home or in your office a few minutes a day. The core muscles include the muscles in your back, sides, pelvis and buttocks. These are the muscles that help you reach, bend and move freely as well as become steady on your feet. You can do a front plank on your table or countertop and a chair stand using a sturdy chair.


Sleep is essential for optimal health. You need to sleep at least 6-8 hours a day to get a good night’s rest. Dr. Margaret O’Connor, a neuropsychologist, has done researches on the link between sleep and cognition. In an article that she has written in the Harvard Health Publishing, she has stated that a good night sleep can help restore better thinking, memory and other brain functions.

According to Dr. Suzzanne Bertisch, a sleep expert, here are some recommendations to improve sleep:

Train your body to go to bed and get up at almost the same time every day.

Your bedroom should be dark and quiet.

Make your bed comfortable and sleep in a cool room with warm blankets.

Avoid drinking coffee, chocolate and other stimulants for 4 to 6 hours before bedtime.

Avoid electronic devices with LED screens for at least an hour before going to bed.

What can you do this summer in order to be healthy? G.E.A.R. up. (Go with God. Eat healthy. Activate your muscles. Rest enough).

Hope you can share to encourage others to be healthy this summer, with or without the vaccine.

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