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In this day and age, you want what is quick and easy. When you’re hungry, you just need to dial a number and lo and behold, your food is delivered right on your doorstep in thirty minutes or less, especially during the pandemic. If not, then it is free. When you want to change the channel, you don’t have to get off the couch. Just grab that remote control and switch to any show you want. Even some of the appliances are equipped with sensors that you don’t need to lift a finger to turn them on. They are voice activated. Health issues are no different. You want a quick fix, a simple remedy or a crash diet course.

Elizabeth Gilbert, best selling author of “Eat, Pray, Love,” wrote a memoir about her travel to Italy, India and Indonesia as she finds her true self. You don’t need to travel the whole world, especially with today's travel restrictions and need for quarantine, to seek the healthy lifestyle that you want especially if you don’t have the money to burn or the luxury of time. Your journey starts right here, right now, just where you are in three simple steps. THINK! If your job requires you to report for work instead of work from home, you may find yourself standing on the sidewalk under the scorching heat of the sun, waiting for the traffic light to change so you can cross and walk towards your favorite cafe restaurant for lunch. You could feel the sweat dripping down your back and under your armpit. You imagine taking a sip of your favorite dark chocolate frappucino with whipped cream, bits of chocolate and a dash of peppermint sprinkled on top. You can feel your brain freeze. Brrr! Your mind is very powerful. What you focus on grows. When you wake up in the morning, visualize how you are going to spend the rest of the day. Will you begin the day with a heavy heart and think about the Monday blues? For a change, why not think about how you will nourish your mind, body and soul. Don’t worry about how the day will end. But look forward to what will happen if you make the right choices early on. It starts in the mind. Decide to be happy and grateful no matter what happens. Choose to be kind! Choose to love! Choose to eat healthy! PRAY! A prayer is your personal communication with God. You worship God through songs of praise and do it in the privacy of your room. Reflect on God’s Words through reading verses from the bible. Ask for forgiveness for your wrong doings. Thank the Lord for His unconditional love, warm embrace and watchful eyes. Thank Jesus for saving you from sin by His death and resurrection. Recite your petition for the day. God will grant them in His own perfect time and according to His Will for your life. He will provide all your needs in the way that is best for you. Trust Him. He knows your needs even before you ask Him but He wants you to ask and pray in earnest. It is time to surrender to the One with bigger hands. ACT! An author once said that if you do one thing repeatedly for 21 days, it becomes a habit. Choose a good habit and master that habit for 30 days so you have a better chance of succeeding. Take those baby steps so you can achieve your goal, which is to be healthy. There are only two root causes of diseases, namely, toxicity and deficiency. To remove the poisons from your body, start by eliminating the toxins from your diet like too much sweets, too much salts, carbonated drinks and especially alcohol. To address the lacking nutrients in your body, eat a variety of fruits and vegetables daily. Value yourself because you have been created in the image and likeness of God. You treat your body as a temple and hence will not do anything that is detrimental to your health. For every action, think about the consequences and repercussions of whatever you do. The power of healing is in your hands. You allow yourself the liberty to choose and decide the path to take. Awaken the healer in yourself. Be part of a new movement of self-health empowerment and adopt the new health care system that recognizes these fundamental truths: that you, the patients are the real doctors and the doctors are your real guides who are on your side, not on the side of industries and that you are the true owners of your health and your loved ones. The 3 simple steps to be healthy is to THINK! PRAY! ACT!

Hope you can share this and inspire others, too!

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