My Mission is to Empower Every Mother to Nurture Their Kids in the Best Way Possible.

I've been a paediatrician for more than 20 years, and I've seen almost all (if not all) health cases of a child-- from newborn stage to toddler stage. I've journeyed with all types of mothers in making sure their children's health is at its best. And I can say I'm truly fulfilled and have reached the peak of my career. 

But I decided to go deeper. I decided to reach and help more mothers in their journey through online platforms, like this website. I know mothers need all the help they can get, especially from a doctor like me. So, if you're a mom or even a guardian who needs information on child care, then this website is FOR YOU. 

Browse the articles, buy my books, follow me on social media, or message me. It's my life mission to help as much as I can. 

With you in this journey, 

Dra. Joy

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